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Another Glorious Sunset at Ocean Beach…

Comments Off 05 February 2011

I’ll never get tired of these San Francisco Sunsets.  Good thing I’m lucky enough to call the Sunset District home and this is just steps from where I’m fortunate enough to live.  If this isn’t a million dollar view, I don’t know what is!

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The Fog Clings to Lake Merced….

Comments Off 01 February 2011

No time for a “real” blog post today!  I’m running around taking care of my clients’ real estate needs! ;-)

(And, I’m sorta walking on clouds since I learned that if calculations are correct, it turns out that I am in the top 5.7% of San Francisco Realtors!  WOOHOO! Not a bad accomplishment, if I do dare to toot my own horn!) :-D

But I did have a free moment to snap this photo of the fog clinging to the Western Edge of San Francisco.  I’m not sure what plant is in the right edge of the photo (if you know, I’d LOVE to know about it!) but it filled the air with such an amazingly sweet scent!  The photo was taken at Lake Merced (which happens to be an amazingly beautiful NATURAL lake here in our very own urban City!)

And since I’m already throwing shameless self-plugs into this non-post blog post, if you know anyone that’s looking to buy or sell real estate in San Francisco and would love to work with an SF Realtor that knows her stuff (except for that whole “not being to identify a single plant thing!”), but still maintains a sense of humor, send them my way!  ;-)

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Sunshine in the Sunset

Comments Off 30 January 2011


The sun here in the Outer Avenues is breaking through the clouds making the Sunset district gem at 1466 42nd Avenue sparkle! 

Stop by from 1-4pm today to see the brilliant juxtaposition of a traditional center patio style home and how it blends with an urban loft!

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Ranchland in San Francisco?

Comments Off 28 January 2011

I’ve always had a soft spot for cows.  In fact, I envy those with the willpower to be vegetarians.  I even tried it.  Granted, it was only for a week, but I love meat.  I love beef.   But I definitely love cows.  (And yes, I’m  just city slicker enough to make “MOO” noises at them when I drive by them on the back roads of the Bay Area.)

And well, given the state of our current urban environment, it’s hard to believe there was a Ranch in Glen Park.  Even harder to believe that there were ranches and farms all over San Francisco, but I’ll tell you more about that some other day.

I found this photo taken in Glen Canyon where the Good Brother Dairy, among several other dairy companies, had dairy farms.  The notes attached to this photo read:

“Valborg C. Tietz, owner of picture below. The lady pictured was my mother-in-law: Elise Beneke, who later married Alexander William Tietz in 1910. Her husband Alexander Tietz was crushed by 2 railroad cars at the Santa Fe yards in 1920, where he worked. He was taken out beyond the ‘Three-mile Limit’ where he was found. There never was anyone charged with throwing the wrong switch. The family was paid $9000 for his death by the Santa Fe R. R. She never re-married, and lived with her son Wilhelm or ‘Bill,’ who was my husband. We married in 1955. She lived with us for 25 years, and died at age 86 in 1976. This picture was taken of her in the Glen Canyon, where there was a dairy for years. The cows were quite tame, as you can see. The Good Brothers owned the dairy.”

“ca. 1910. originally part of the San Miguel Rancho, by the 1890?s there were several dairies located in the Glen Park Canyon. (Loaned to the San Francisco Public Library by Mrs. Tietz)”.

Poor Mr. Tietz.  I’m kind of curious how you can be crushed by not one, but TWO railroad cars, but I think I probably don’t want to know the answer to that.

I hope you have a safe and happy weekend!  And be sure stay away from railroad cars. 

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Great Highway is still Closed and it’s Still Summer in January

2 Comments 27 January 2011

It’s another beautiful day at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach!

The sun is still shining and the clean-up on the Upper Great Highway still has the road closed to automobile traffic.

It might just be the perfect day for a picnic atop of a sand dune with the views stretching clear to the Marin Headlands.

Hope you get a chance to enjoy the sunshine even if you don’t make it down to the beach!

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Please, Won’t You Be My Neighbor! SF Ocean View Flats for Sale!

Comments Off 18 January 2010

Ocean Beach Living!

Ocean Beach Living!


It’s always a beautiful day in my neighborhood.  If you read the blog regulary, you know I live here on Great Highway in the Outer Sunset. 

You’ll also know that I LOVE my neighborhood.  Even on a crappy day like today, with the wind blowing and the rain pouring, I can sit in the comfort of my very own house and watch the Pacific Ocean waves land on Ocean Beach. 

It’s a different vibe over on this side of San Francisco.  There’s an amazing community feel, and the local businesses are fantastic.  Whether we’re talking about the Riptide Bar or Noriega Produce or Java Beach or The Pizza Place, you’d be hard pressed to find another group of business owners in the City that care more about their neighborhood than these folks do.

And, we also have amazing neighbors.  People actually care about the neighborhood and they get involved.  And with Carmen Chu making herself available to the community to both hear our concerns and respond to them (yes, she listens AND acts on what she hears!  Crazy, right?) the hood just gets better and better.

So, I’m thrilled to announce that you’ll have an opportunity to be my neighbor.  We won’t be living next door to each other, but when you live on Great Highway, all of your nighbors feel close, even if they’re a few blocks away.  And better yet, your neighbors become your friends! :-)

I won’t give you the whole spoiler about the listing because I think to REALLY appreciate it, you need to see it for yourself.  But the website, www.2458-2460GreatHwy.com will give you a little tease as to what living at the beach can be like.  Besides the ocean views and daily access to sunsets over the horizon, and your own ginormous landscaped yard perfect for parties (complete with bonfire pit!), you get an enclosed outdoor shower (the folks at Socketsite should appreciate that!) where you can get down to your birthday suit and not be afraid of neighbor’s prying eyes.

The Enclosed Outdoor Shower!

The Enclosed Outdoor Shower!

Check out the website (www.2458-2460GreatHwy.com) or give me a call at 415-307-1392 for more info. 

And, “Won’t you please, please won’t you, please…….. Please won’t you be my neighbor???  Hello Neighbor!”

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A Castle in SF’s Ingleside – Complete with a Drawbridge!

Comments Off 15 January 2010

The Ingleside Castle
The Ingleside Castle

Some people say your home is your castle and they mean it figuratively.  These folks say it, and mean it literally. 

The blog posts haven’t been as frequent as I’d like lately, and it’s because I’ve been busy.  Like “working 15-19 hour days and sleeping 5 hours a night most nights” busy. 

It’s a good thing I love this San Francisco realtor gig I’ve got going, or I would have SURELY lost my mind by now. ;-)

Anyhow, somewhere amidst my travels whilst looking at homes with a client today, I thought I actually HAD lost my mind when I thought I saw a DRAWBRIDGE!

Upon closer examination, the drawbridge (and wisteria) are merely a mural, but I have to say, for a minute there, it looked pretty damn three-dimensional.

If you ever are in the Ingleside and are curious enough to check this place out, it’s on the 100 block of Margaret Avenue

And if you ever want to talk about buying or selling your (literal or figurative) castle in SF, give me a holler at 415-307-1392 or email me.  Please leave the drawbridge open though, I’m not a fan of moats.

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This San Francisco Realtor’s 15 Seconds of Fame

Comments Off 16 November 2009


Work in Progress

I have a feelings that postings will be pretty light thig week… I do believe I have a flu.  Body aches and sinus pressure  and just a general feeling of crappiness are taking over and if I find the time to write about San Francisco Real Estate, it’ll be a miracle.

But in the meantime, I wanted to share with you a piece that the SF Weekly Blog did about me.  I can’t help but be excited – and, well, if you’re a fan of tattoos and body art, they I think you’ll enjoy it.  And, it’ll probably teach you a thing or two that you didn’t already know about me. 

So, withour further adieu, click here for the full article.

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San Francisco Love – From Up Above

Comments Off 08 November 2009

Aerial video – San Francisco from Jason Lam on Vimeo.

I ran across this awesome video on a blog I recently discovered – Spots Unknown.

Jeff Diehl (the blog’s author) tells us about this video:

With the ability to fly super close to the ground and surrounding objects, this really does provide a unique feel, like a free-floating crane or steady-cam. Pretty hot.

Jason Lam makes these videos for a company called SkyShutter, using “a camera equipped with ‘gyro-stabilized remote-controlled gimbals,’ along with a live streaming video connection.”

I thought it was an awesome way to fall in love with San Francisco all over again on a Monday morning. :-)


And if you have any pics, video, or links about San Francisco, real estate related or not, shoot me a tip.  I love to hear from readers. :-)

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More Animal Spotting – Tigers in the Haight

Comments Off 27 October 2009

Tiger House in the Haight

Tiger House in the Haight

I’ve been on a roll snapping pictures of houses with a little more character in the City.  But this one comes to me from Wolf Davidson, who has asked me to identify him as “a VERY pleased client.”  :-D  (I helped him sell his home last and he now lives in Oregon with his fiancee!!!  Congrats, Wolf!!! :-))

I’m not sure when Wolf snapped this photo, but it seems to be a home on Frederick Street in the Haight District.

If you’re got more unique homes to share with readers of The Friendliest San Francisco Real Estate Blog, send them over!

In fact, if you have ANY awesome San Francisco events, details, pictures, tips, etc. you want to share, send THOSE on over too… other blog readers want to hear from YOU!

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